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CBD 1200 MG

Our 1200mg CBD tincture comes in a 1oz white bottle with a calibrated dropper top. The peppermint oil serves as both flavoring and as an active ingredient that increases the effectiveness of the CBD. Peppermint is a vasodilator, which means that when our tincture is taken sublingually it dilates the blood vessels mouth to increase uptake of the CBD molecule.  

1 full dropper is exactly 1ml which is 40.0mg CBD.  Our 1200mg tincture is 30 daily servings of 40.0mg CBD.
Each tincture is sealed with plastic shrink wrap to ensure quality. The shelf life is at least 14 months stored at room temp.

Directions of Dosage/Usage:

1. Place 3-5 drops under tongue and hold for 1 minute, then swallow. (Twice daily)

2. For pain management:
Place .5ml to 1ml under tongue and hold for 1 minute, then swallow. (2-3 times daily)

Full ingredients list;

-1200mg Full spectrum active cannabidiol

-Organic Hemp Oil

-Organic Peppermint Oil

-0.0%THC by weight/ extracted to zero

-All 113 cannabinoids

-Organic, Vegan, and Kosher certified

-Made with respect for USA laws under strict Farm Bill act regulatory laws, and is legal in all 50 states.

-Great taste, and delivery


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